Introducing the Alberta Storage Alliance

Who We Are

The Alberta Storage Alliance (“ASA”) is a consortium of experts from across the energy industry who have come together to recommend a strategy for Alberta to leverage energy storage technology within its electricity market. 


Why Storage

In November 2015, the Alberta government announced a new Climate Leadership Plan; central to the plan is transitioning the province’s energy generation away from coal and towards renewables. This decision will have numerous impacts on Alberta’s Electricity System; in particular Alberta will require solutions in four key areas: 

  1. Renewables integration;
  2. Price volatility;
  3. Supply adequacy; and
  4. Grid reliability.

Energy Storage can play an important role in navigating this transition by providing reliable solutions to each of these challenges. Storage has the ability to balance the grid by removing excess electricity and returning it at an optimal time. The successful deployment of energy storage in electricity systems around the world has demonstrated its ability to swiftly react to system needs, making storage a compelling solution for Alberta’s Electricity System.


Our Purpose

We believe that energy storage can bring significant benefits to Alberta's Electricity System. As a result, experts from across the industry have come together to act as a unified voice for energy storage in the province of Alberta. Our role is to help regulators understand energy storage and design policies that allow the province to take advantage of the benefits energy storage has to offer.


What's Next

The ASA has released a white paper outlining its recommendations. Subscribe to our email list to receive updates on our work, and keep checking our website for new information!